Had an Abortion?


Had an abortion? Not coping? Please contact us. We can help you work through your feelings and emotions and gain healing.

Living in Colour

A healing and recovery programme for women who have experienced abortion. Abortion-related grief remains something of a taboo topic in society – and so it can be difficult to process the emotional impact or to find a sense of closure. The unresolved loss can show up in many ways, including depression, anger, relationship difficulties, anxiety and substance abuse. Sometimes, it does not surface till decades later.

Living in Colour is an eight-week course which has been used successfully in many countries around the world. It gently helps you process what was happening for you at the time, who was involved and the emotional impact of the decision. The final chapter of celebrates the process of emerging from the ‘grey zone’ of unresolved loss into a life of greater colour and freedom.

In Tauranga, we use the course usually in small groups of two to four women, with a facilitator who has experienced abortion herself. Doing the course means meeting together once a week for eight weeks, plus doing some written ‘homework’ every week at home. If you would like to find out more, please call us at Pregnancy Choice or email us. All inquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence, with care and hightest attention.

Living in Color

I had pushed the grief of my abortion away for many years but it still affected me profoundly. The anniversary of what would have been the baby’s due date was always painful, I often felt deeply sad, and I struggled to bond with the children I went on to have afterwards. Living in Colour helped me to fully acknowledge my loss; and I’ve felt more joyful and peaceful since.”

– participant

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Here is a link to an awesome website for people who have had abortions: