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You have a choice. Choices can be difficult to make because there are gains and losses no matter which direction you take. Our trained support staff can help you work through your options. Make an informed decision. You do have a choice, you decide.
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Some of your options

  • Keep the Baby
Although this baby may be a surprise, it doesn't mean that it can't still be an exciting journey. Your goals and plans can still be reached with a baby and many parents have found that a baby can bring great joy to their lives, it just takes time to adjust your thinking. Life is full of surprises and changes, having a baby is just one of them.
We are here to support you and can help with ongoing support and baby clothing/gear. You are not alone. Click here for our services, and ways we can help you.
  • Adoption
Adopting can be a very rewarding option. You get to choose the family, religion, culture etc., as well as still being able to keep in touch with your child. We will help you with this process and give you the support necessary.
There are only a few babies adopted out every year in New Zealand, so there are 1000's of couples who would love the chance of a child. Maybe you could give your baby and another family the gift of love. Click here for more information about adoption.
  • Fostering
Fostering is an option that gives you more time to consider whether to keep the baby or to adopt it out; it takes the pressure off the situation. Fostering involves someone else looking after the baby for a set time to give the mother time to evaluate what she wants in life. We are here to help you. Contact us if you would like more information about your options or would like to chat about your situation.
  • Whāngai
In New Zealand we value our Maori culture. Strong family support is a characteristic of Maori life. Young mums will not be left alone with their baby. If a mum is not able to take care of her baby herself the baby may be raised within the whānau and given the care he or she deserves. In most cases parents, aunties or even relatives who were not able to get children of their own are most willing to step in, closing the gap. Talk to your family and discuss about this unique and responsible option.
  • Abortion
Abortion should be considered carefully and not rushed into, because it is not something that can be undone. It is important to be fully informed about the physical, emotional and mental effects of abortion as it is not without risk. There are two major types of abortion offered in NZ, medical abortion and surgical abortion, with specific information about abortion in NZ detailed here.

Legally, NZ Law changed on 24th March 2020. Under the new Abortion Legislation Act 2020, abortion is no longer considered within the Crimes Act of 1961, rather it is now aligned with health services.
Key points about the new law:
  • allowing a woman to self-refer to an abortion service provider
  • allows a wider range of registered health practitioners eg doctors, midwives, nurse practitioners, registered nurses to provide abortions (subject to scopes of practice and training).
  • a qualified health practitioner may provide abortion services to a woman who is not more than 20 weeks pregnant (no statutory test requirements)
  • a qualified health practitioner may provide abortion services to a woman who is more than 20 weeks pregnant if they reasonably believe that the abortion is clinically appropriate in the circumstances, given consideration to her physical and mental health & overall wellbeing plus gestational age of the fetus, and consult one other health practitioner.
Click here to find out how abortion can effect your health. Making the decision whether to abort or continue your pregnancy can be difficult. If you feel threatened or pressured about your decision, you can contact us for support, or refer to Women’s Refuge.

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