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Finding yourself pregnant may be a huge shock for you

Being pregnant may be a huge shock to you. You may be feeling confused and worried. It may impact your job or future. Maybe you feel too young or you just can’t cope. Although you may feel pressure to make a decision quickly, it is helpful if you give yourself time to examine your deeper feelings.
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You have a choice. Choices can be difficult to make because there are gains and losses no matter which direction you take. You have choices like:
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We are here to help you. Contact us if you would like more information about your options or would like to chat about your situation. More

Baby Development

It is good to be informed about the stage of the baby’s development to make a good choice. Our friendly staff provides information and material and is happy to answer the questions you may have. We are also there for you to discuss any concerns and assist you sorting out possible ways to go. More

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“Being Samoan and pregnant at the age of 17 was a huge shock for me. There were days where I felt alone, confused and worried. I was afraid of the shame I brought to my family as well as my culture. Everything was happening way too quickly I was pressured to make a decision, not just any decision but the ‘right’ decision. Sometimes…” More

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