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Don't panic, the first thing to do is nothing!

Don't make decisions based upon the temporary spike in emotions you may be feeling.

You do have options. Do yourself a favour and take the time and effort to find out what they really look like.

Do get accurate information about each option. Free and Confidential support provided.

Talk to those with experience and different perspectives than your own.

You will get through this, you get to choose how well and by how much you grow.

We are here to help. Our Director gives some key info to help you journey forward.

We Can Help

Being pregnant may be a huge shock for you. You may be feeling confused and worried. It may impact your job or future. Maybe you feel too young or you just can’t cope. Although you may feel pressure to make a decision quickly, it is helpful if you give yourself time to examine your deeper feelings.


You have a choice. Choices can be difficult to make because there are gains and losses no matter which direction you take. Our trained support staff can help you work through your options. Make an informed decision. You do have a choice, you decide.
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Don't let others decide for you, take the time to make your own decision, as you will be the one living with consequences.

The decision whether to keep your baby, have an abortion or adopt your baby out is a big decision that will impact your life.

We would encourage you to listen to your heart, and not to rush the decision as feelings can change one week to the next.

Ultimately, you are the one that will carry the consequences of your choice, so it’s important that you make the decision for yourself and not because someone else is pressuring you. If you are being coerced or pressured let us know, so we can help.

Decisions made under pressure or stress are seldom good decisions, so take the time to be really sure about what you decide. If in doubt, leave it out!

We can help you work through each option and the benefit’s/consequences, so you can be fully informed and make a decision that you will be happy with in the years to come.

Be aware that fear of the unknown can play a big part. Our natural tendency is to run from the hard things or the unknown. Fear makes us want to stop what is happening and go back to what we know. Don’t let fear rule you! Embrace change and get the support needed to navigate it.

Accurate Information

It is good to be informed about the stage of the baby’s development to make the right choice for you. Our friendly staff provides information and material and are happy to answer the questions you may have. We are here for you, to discuss any concerns, and assist you in sorting out your way forward.
Detailed info about the first 15 weeks.

Awesome Support

You are not alone. We all may need help and support at times. We are here to walk with you and provide free and confidential help for you with loving care and non judgemental support.

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer Free Pregnancy Testing and can assist you with performing a pregnancy test. The tests used at Pregnancy Choice are 99% accurate and can detect possible pregnancy from the day your period is due. Our free pregnancy testing may help you confirm your test results and we can help you to work through your options. You can read about common symptoms of pregnancy

Before making your mind up, you owe it to yourself to get all the information you can. In ways you can understand and relate to. We have trained staff available to assist and provide you with all the information and support you need. Do not rush your decision, breathe, we are here to help you.

Kukunetanga Kōwhiri (Pregnancy Choice)

Pregnancy Choice is a voluntary non-profit organisation that offers information and support to women facing an unexpected pregnancy. We offer full information on options and their consequences as well as support, to ensure no-one feels alone.
Our aim is that anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy would have access to information about keeping their baby, abortion, adoption, whāngai and fostering, plus the support needed to enable them to walk out their choice. We explore your individual options in an unrushed and supportive environment.
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Due to staff shortages we may not be able to provide a full after hours service, however we would still love to chat with you, so please leave a message or contact us again during working hours.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Sometimes it may all seem just too much. We can offer information and practical advice that just may make all the difference.

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