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Feeling Pressured?

Don't let others decide for you, take the time to make your own decision, as you will be the one living with consequences.

The decision whether to keep your baby, have an abortion or adopt your baby out is a big decision that will impact your life.

We would encourage you to listen to your heart, and not to rush the decision as feelings can change one week to the next.

Ultimately, you are the one that will carry the consequences of your choice, so it’s important that you make the decision for yourself and not because someone else is pressuring you. If you are being coerced or pressured let us know, so we can help.

Decisions made under pressure or stress are seldom good decisions, so take the time to be really sure about what you decide. If in doubt, leave it out!

We can help you work through each option and the benefit’s/consequences, so you can be fully informed and make a decision that you will be happy with in the years to come.

Be aware that fear of the unknown can play a big part. Our natural tendency is to run from the hard things or the unknown. Fear makes us want to stop what is happening and go back to what we know. Don’t let fear rule you! Embrace change and get the support needed to navigate it.

Caught by surprise, not expecting to be pregnant?

Don’t panic, you are not alone. Well over half of all pregnancies are unplanned, but we can help you work it through.

Take some time to let the feelings settle. You will probably initially be in shock! How could this happen? Why now? Don’t make any decision while you are in a state of shock and panic. You have time, so take time to talk with family and friends and connect with your heart. Just because something wasn’t planned, doesn’t mean it still can’t be good. Some things happen for a reason.

NZ Abortion law allows for an abortion for any reason up until 20 weeks, and then after that if a Health Practitioner agrees that it is appropriate in the circumstances and contacts another health practitioner. (abbreviated). So you have time and you have options.

Contact us to talk things through, so you can make an informed and well thought out choice.

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