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You are not the first to face this. We have stories covering all sorts of situations. Hearing how others dealt with their situation and challenges may help you make the best choice for you.

Pregnancy centre helps mums in time of need

We get many more stories than we can publicly share. Here we present some of the details our clients have permitted us to share with you. We hope these inspire you and help you in your journey.

When Shana Bainbridge found out she was pregnant with her seventh child, the love and support of Pregnancy Choice Centre volunteers helped ease the shock.
Miss Bainbridge is one of the 420 women helped by the Pregnancy Choice centre since it opened its doors on October 16, 2013 to those who unexpectedly find themselves pregnant.
Miss Bainbridge suspected she was pregnant 19 months ago and, after hearing a glowing recommendation from a family member, visited the centre for a pregnancy test.
“I ended up finding out I was pregnant and freaked right out. It was very overwhelming because it was my seventh baby. I had given away all my baby stuff. Karen [a counsellor] just made me feel great. After a few months, I settled in and started coming in collecting bits and pieces. They gave me almost everything.”
Miss Bainbridge is paying it forward, bringing in the gear her boy Koru, now 10 months, has outgrown to be re-gifted.
She has nothing but praise for the centre’s volunteers.
“They are a fabulous bunch of ladies. I would recommend this place to anyone.“

Centre director Janice Tetley-Jones said there was a gap in the market for support for unexpectedly pregnant women. “They need ongoing support. They need to just be able to download and talk about the things that are worrying them. Then they can feel like they can go on.”
The centre’s clients have been building steadily. “Last month we did 26 pregnancy tests. That’s our biggest month yet. We want it to build so everyone in Tauranga knows if they are pregnant, the Pregnancy Choice centre is the place they can come for their test, for information and for that support.”
Link to the article from the NZ Herald
By: Sonya Bateson. Sonya is the head of news at the Bay of Plenty Times

I had my darling ...

…daughter yesterday morning. She’s so precious, perfect and healthy. I just gaze at her and just fall in love with her more and more. I will never ever consider an abortion ever again. I’m glad I have my baby here in my arms now. Her daddy delivered her and he is a super proud dad along with her super proud big sister.

I’ll bring her in to the shop soon to show you. Thank you again for your support that I truly needed at the start of this whole journey. Once again thank you for your amazing support Janice. I will never forget you and will always treasure you as I might not have been holding my baby girl right now if I hadn’t of met you.”

Being Samoan

… and pregnant at the age of 17 was a huge shock for me. There were days where I felt alone, confused and worried. I was afraid of the shame I brought to my family as well as my culture.

Everything was happening way too quickly I was pressured to make a decision, not just any decision but the ‘right’ decision. Sometimes the shame and fear you have inside might make you feel like you have to decide on what’s best for others, but not yourself. I am thankful that during these rough days I chose to reach out to Pregnancy Choice.

Personally talking to someone who wasn’t emotionally involved helped through this process. Pregnancy Choice helped me through my situation by giving me the support and comfort that I really needed. Although I was sharing my emotional feelings, and experience with someone I barely knew, it did not at all feel like that instead it was like a journey with a really close friend. I was comfortable with the counselor who helped me because of her loving words of encouragement which impacted greatly to my situation.

It was important to me to receive support in a non-judgmental and in a caring environment. Although it felt like the end of the world, Pregnancy Choice helped open my eyes to a more positive perspective, which gave me hope.

I am thankful and proud to say that if it wasn’t for the help of Pregnancy Choice in examining my deeper feelings and giving me emotional support I would not have had the privilege to hold my baby girl. Being a mother at 17 has helped me better my life for the good.
During the process I received forgiveness from my parents as well as my family. There were also downfalls that came with my experience, I eventually ended my relationship with the father of my baby. I am lucky that I am gifted with a precious child who has changed my life. Pregnancy Choice gave me choices, saving a lifetime of regret. If you feel alone, have lost all hope and are beating yourself up by trying to deal with this by yourself I would honestly advise women to reach out for help. You are never alone, so don’t go through this alone! The pregnancy choice organization are full of loving people that sincerely support you in your situation every step of the way. This experience taught me a lot, I gained strength to stand on my own two feet, courage and confidence. I was able to say to myself ‘I lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along.’ Speaking from experience, dealing with an unexpected pregnancy alone, was not healthy, physically and emotionally. No matter the situation there will always be a happy ending.”

“I first called Pregnancy Choice…

…when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I was feeling confused so looked up Pregnancy Choice in the phone book and called the 0800 number. I didn’t really know what I wanted to say, just needed someone to talk to and have listen to my story. When I called I got Janice on the phone. I told her my situation, how my partner had been abusive and had left. I had no family or friends to turn to for support. I talked to her and she listened. I told her how I was feeling alone, sad, exhausted and
scared and just at a complete loss and didn’t know what to do. I was thinking that abortion was the only way out and I couldn’t do it anymore.
After I talked with Janice, I felt more hopeful. Just knowing that I had support from her made all the difference. I didn’t feel alone anymore and felt that I had someone to talk to when I was down. I then met with Janice and believed that she would really be there for me. I didn’t feel judged which was really important for me. She promised to be there for me now and throughout the pregnancy and birth.

After that meeting I felt confident enough in Janice’s support. I felt hopeful that I could carry on with the pregnancy and have my baby. I left our meeting feeling that “I could do it” and I started believing in myself. Life carried on and wasn’t always easy, but knowing that I had that support really helped. Janice told me that I could call her anytime, which I did. She then helped me get my baby gear and clothing together.
I had trouble in the last couple of months in my pregnancy as the baby wasn’t growing. This was difficult but again it helped having the support. I went into premature labour and had to be flown up from Palmerston North, where I was visiting family, to Tauranga Hospital. Janice met me at the hospital and supported me while my labour came and went. Finally I had my beautiful, healthy baby boy. I had an instant bond with him and knew that I had made the right decision. There was no looking back.
I am very thankful for the help and support of Pregnancy Choice as without them I would not be where I am today.”

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