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Free Pregnancy Testing

Free Pregnancy Testing

We offer Free Pregnancy Testing and can assist you with performing a pregnancy test. The tests used at Pregnancy Choice are 99% accurate and can detect possible pregnancy from the day your period is due. Our free pregnancy testing may help you confirm your test results and we can help you to work through your options. You can read about common symptoms of pregnancy

Unsure if you are pregnant?.

In our Pregnancy Choice Centre we provide high quality free pregnancy testing.
Our staff are trained to assist you with doing the test. The test kits we use are 99% accurate.
Calculating from the first day of your last period we are happy to assist you in finding out which week of pregnancy you find yourself in.    You can come in any time during our opening hours.
Though our pregnancy tests have a high standard of accuracy, we only use them for informational purposes. If you have any pain, or specific medical concerns about your health or pregnancy, then we recommend you see your GP, a midwife or obstetrician.

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