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What is Adoption?

Adoption is a permanent legal arrangement. It involves permanently relinquishing your legal parental relationship so that your child’s adoptive parents will have full and exclusive parental rights and responsibilities.

Placing your child for adoption is a big decision to make. The final consent order may not be signed until baby is at least 12 days old.

Under current law in New Zealand, Oranga Tamariki (Ministry for Children) must be involved with the process. A Social Worker will be allocated to you, and another Social Worker will be allocated to the adoptive parents. There will also need to be a lawyer involved to deal with the legal documents necessary. The adoptive parents typically pay these costs.
Adoption FAQs

Placing your child for adoption

Your baby or child can be adopted by another family if you’re not able to look after them.

Most adoptions in New Zealand are ‘open adoptions’ where the birth parents and the adoptive family know each other’s details and may keep in touch. Open adoption arrangements are not legally binding.

The birth parent choose the family who will adopt their child. Under current law, prospective adoptive parents must be approved by Oranga Tamariki.

Here at Pregnancy Choice we have experience with adoption and will assist you throughout the process. This is a big decision and should involve your whanau. Giving birth is a intense experience and you will likely need time and emotional space following the birth to be sure that adoption is still your best decision. There is a mandatory 12 day wait after baby's birth before the final adoption consent can be signed. After this legal document is signed, it is almost impossible to get it overturned if you change your mind.

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