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Two-Factor Authentication

Information and guides about the additional security process used by Pregnancy Choice to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to systems and services.

Getting started with two factor authentication
Helping you get-to-grips with two-factor authentication.

If you are a staff member at Pregnancy Choice a password alone is no longer enough to access online services. You will need to enter a code on the computers or mobile devices you trust and use to access Pregnancy Choice systems.

The code is created using software. That software code can be an app on your phone or your computer. You will need to download an app and have it handy when logging into our websites. You'll only need to do this setup once for each device you use to access those sites and services.

It is recommended that you set this code up on a mobile device so that you have access to the code without your computer. You can have this code set up on multiple devices, such as your mobile and computer.

We recommend the Authy app for your mobile device and computer but you can also use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Azure Authenticator if you prefer.

Please note, due to the sensitive nature of the data we hold, 2FA is mandatory for all staff,  Once you have set up a code you are required to use it each time you need to access our systems.

Type of device
The version of Authy or Google Authenticator you download depends on the device you are installing it onto. Select the device you're going to add the app to:

I have a PC or Mac computer or desktop
I have a mobile phone, iPad or tablet

We recommend that you first install your chosen authenticator app onto your smartphone device. Once that is done, proceed with your registration on the Pregnancy Choice system at
Need help?
If you still have questions or need further help please contact Rob at the Tauranga PCC.


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